The Romal group is one of the largest companies in Israel that specializes in the aluminum field.
Our specialities are the preparation and design of aluminum wall and roof covering for both
outside and inside of buildings.we also specialize in nickel, copper, metal zinc and steel design
and preparation for buildings.
The fitting of taracota Slates on buildings is also a speciality of our company.
The many projects we have completed includes office buildings,appartment buildings,
government buildings, hotels, schools, private homes, and one of our biggest projects ,
Terminal 3 at Ben gurion airport.
We also have a welding department which cater for the clients every need.
Our technical department is the best in Israel with a highly experienced team.
No job is too big or too small for them and they are able to cater for anything the client
requests and are constantly on hand to give advice when it is needed.
Our state of the art factory is fully equipped with the most modern machinery including
CNC machine, laser machine, machines that can bend aluminum and steel to the clients
requirements We only use the highest quality materials that are available to us.
Our specialized machines can also cut aluminum and steel upto a thickness of 25 mm

The Romal group was founded 1999 and the aluminum section is one part of our group.
Our Ceo mr Ronen Katav is one of the most respected and experienced people in our field
and is always on hand to see that our work is of the highest standard and is always available for

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